The Relève mélOMane

The OM is excited about giving space to the next generation of symphonic music lovers. As such, it is pleased to invite those 39 and under to join the new group, the Relève mélOMane (Next Gen of OM Music Lovers)! This group exists to build a community around a shared passion, the OM and its music, and its shared values, creating opportunities for exchange among members of this new community. Upon joining, members enjoy several categories of benefits simultaneously: 

The annual contribution to the Relève mélOMane is $30 per year. However, subscribers to the OM and donors of $100 or more can join the group for FREE. If making a donation of $100, that person has the right to participate in the OM’s Donor Recognition Program at the $200 level. 

Join us!

To join the Relève mélOMane or to get more information, please contact Alex Koutelias, Manager of Philanthropy at or at 514-598-0870, ext. 36.