Connection brings music to life.

With help from your annual donation, we offer free concerts in a variety of settings.

Your contribution has a lasting impact!

Throughout the year, your support allows CHSLD residents and their caregivers to be transported by the sweet sounds of music.

You also help introduce symphonic music to the next generation. Your donation will allow hundreds of children aged 4 to 8 to experience these sounds for the first time.

You are the heart of our community, and your donation brings music to life in a remarkable way.

Your ongoing support of our orchestra guarantees us a bright future ahead.

Give generously.

Your donation matters

Last year, the Orchestre Métropolitain’s income from various sources totalled $7 million. Nearly a third of the amount came from donations and sponsorships. 

This shows just how important such contributions are to ensuring the Orchestre’s continued operation and growth. 

The OM relies on several initiatives to solicit donations and benefit from donors’ essential and much appreciated generosity: 

  • The annual fundraising campaign and major campaign 
  • The annual benefit gala 
  • The endowment fund  
  • Sponsorships, foundations and corporate donations.

The Funding and Partnerships team

Many ways to give to the OM