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For over 40 years, our mission has been to share music and make it accessible to all audiences.

Once again this year, the OM is committed to working in the heart of our city.

For the next 31 days, from August 1 to 31, each $40* donated will earn one ticket for a community member to attend a concert in our next season.
*Up to $20,000

These tickets will be distributed to:

  • Low-income families and students
  • Students at all levels: elementary, secondary, CEGEP and university
  • Healthcare professionals: caregivers

These orchestra row tickets will be for concerts at the Maison symphonique. From these seats, audience members can see the stage and all the orchestra’s instruments up close.

Give a Montréal family the opportunity to attend an Orchestre Métropolitain concert at the Maison symphonique. Thanks to you, for the first time in their lives, they’ll get the chance to experience symphonic music! It’s an evening that will leave a lasting impression.

Do you what to find out the results from our campaign?
Starting on September 5, you can check this page to find out how many tickets will be offered to our community THANKS TO YOU.

From introduction to symphonic music workshops to the Maison symphonique

Last spring, Montréal’s St-Joseph de la Pointe-de-l’Île elementary school had the OM come and give introduction to symphonic music workshops.

For 6 weeks, students discovered the orchestra and its instruments. They also received a kit with an activity book and craft supplies.

The OM offered 20 tickets to our June 4 concert to some of the students and their families. The seats in the first orchestra rows were reserved for them.

One of the young students brought his kit and used his baton. He conducted the concert alongside Nathalie Stutzmann until the final note. To mark the end of the performance, he closed his fist, like he learned in his conducting workshop.
Your support really does initiate the youngest generation to symphonic music.

“I had the opportunity to attend the OM concert with St-Joseph families. It was wonderful to see the children and their eyes light up.”
– Testimonial from Mélanie Thériault, family and community liaison for École St-Joseph

Your donation has a huge impact.
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