Planned Giving

Do you want to leave a legacy aligned with your values and build a future for the causes closest to your heart?

Do you want to make a contribution and ensure the Orchestre Métropolitain’s long-term success?

With planned giving, you can. Incorporating us in your estate planning or overall financial strategy not only enhance the OM’s growth and reputation for excellence, but also provides you with advantageous tax benefits. This approach allows you to achieve your philanthropic goals with the orchestra while supporting your family’s needs.

  • It is adaptable to your personal, family and tax situation and modifiable at any time.
  • It also offers very attractive tax benefits to you and your estate.
  • It can take several forms:

Planned giving allows you to make your philanthropic aspirations for the Orchestre Métropolitain a reality by enabling the organization to carry out its mission.

We encourage you to speak with your legal or tax advisor to determine which donation option is best suited to your situation.


Forms of donation

We are available to assist you

Whatever form of donation or gift you want to offer to the Orchestre Métropolitain, we will be pleased to discuss it with you and assist you with the process. We are supported by a team of specialists.

Please feel free to contact us: François Lafortune, Head of Philanthropy, by email at or by phone at 450-521-2102.