Le pelleteur de nuages, troisième partie ( Les nuages)

Denis Nassar Baptista

Born 1986

The last part is devoted to Elliot and his world. Born in Brazil, composer Denis Nassar uses dance rhythms, such as Choro and Samba, to lend warm colours to his music and a syncopated beat. Elliot and the world of his imagination are symbolized by a melody that appears in various forms at various points in the piece. Some instruments play a special role to illustrate the story. For example, at school, the brass represent the laughing of the children who make fun of Elliot. In the fourth section, the instruments imitate the blowing wind and swirling snow.

Denis Nassar and Marie-Claire Saindon collaborated on this work and each shared a theme: one for the parents and one for Elliot. How did the composers use each other’s theme? That’s what we’ll discover on the day of the premiere.

© 2022 Florence Leyssieux
Translation by Craig Schweickert