Mélissa Bédard

© Laurence Labat

Revealed at the 2012 edition of Star Académie, Mélissa then made it to the semi-finals and wowed audiences with her interpretation of Richard Desjardins’ classic, The Heart Is A Bird.

The song, performed on Star Académie’s grand tour of over 70 dates, is also featured on the popular show’s official album. This tour will be followed by the Star Académie Noël series of shows, presented at the Théâtre Le Capitole in Quebec City.

Following this tour, she signed with the Tandem.mu team for two albums: Mélissa Bédard (2013) and S’aimer (2014).

In addition to her solo tour, she has joined several group shows including Dans les souliers d’Elvis (2013), the 25th anniversary tour of the group Les B.B. (2015) and the tribute show Ferland: Quand on aime (2015 – 2016).

In 2016, she participated in the musical review Blue Suede Show, produced by K.O. Scène. In November of the same year, she fulfilled a dream she had cherished for a long time: to record her favorite Christmas classics. She thus presents the album My Christmas List under the Disques Passeport label and presents the Noël en Chœur tour in the most beautiful churches in Quebec.

In 2017, she joined the troupe of Rétroshow, a tribute show to French-speaking Yéyé songs from the 60s. She also recorded a song on the collective album Elles chantent Dassin and went on tour on the stages of Quebec and New-Brunswick with her friend Joannie Benoit, whom she met at Star Académie.

The following year, in addition to starting a new tour with Jean-Pierre Ferland and continuing those of Joannie Benoit, the Rétroshow and the Blue Suede Show, she also joined the tour of the album Elles chantent Dassin, a show produced by Evenko and presented in particular at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal.

In January 2019, Mélissa made her acting debut as Fabiola in the series “M’entends-tu?” on Télé-Québec, a role for which she won the Hope of the Year award at the Gala des Zapettes d’or de ArtTV.

Mélissa launches in October 2019 her fourth album, Fleur de verre, directed by André Leclair.