Jean-François Pronovost

© Kevin Millet

Graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 2012, he has since taken on numerous impactful roles. On the stage, he has been seen in plays such as "Le Ventriloque" (Director: Éric Jean), "Nom de domaine" (Director: Olivier Choinière), "Ma mère est un poisson rouge" (Director: Marie-Christine LêHuu), "As is" (Director: Simon Boudreault), and "Comment je suis devenu musulman" (Director: Simon Boudreault), to name a few. He portrayed the one and only Jacques Brel in the musical theater production of "Amsterdam" (Director: Mélissa Cardona). Earlier this year, he was part of the cast of "Pif luisant" at Théâtre du Rideau Vert (Director: Gabriel Sabourin). On the small screen, he made his first appearance on Télé-Québec in 2013 in the show "Tactik," and since 2018, he has been Passe-Montagne in the 2.0 version of "Passe-Partout." In terms of TV series, he was part of projects like "La Galère," "O'," and is currently appearing in "Les moments parfaits." He was also part of the cast of the feature film "Corbo," written and directed by Mathieu Denis.