Gabrielle Fontaine

© Kevin Millet

At the age of 15, Gabrielle Fontaine secured her first television contract in the youth TV series “Tactik.” Subsequently, she landed several notable roles for young audiences in series such as “Motel monstre,” “Subito texto,” and “Fée Éric.” She has also been seen in “Trauma,” “Toi & Moi,” “L’heure bleue,” and in the film “Ressac.” Recently, she was part of the cast of the TV series “Hôtel.” On the theatrical stage, she showcases her acting and vocal talents in musical comedies for Juste pour rire, including “Grease” from 2015 to 2017 and “Fame” in the summer of 2018. Since last summer, she has portrayed Marlène Sasseur in the theatrical adaptation of the French cinema classic, “Le dîner de cons.” The younger audience may recognize her for her portrayal of Passe-Carreau in the new version of “Passe-Partout,” while older viewers may associate her with the show “14 mille millions de choses à savoir” or her dazzling appearance on the show “Zénith!”