Fayolle Jean Jr

© DS Sanchez

Fayolle Jean Jr had his first opportunities to perform as a professional actor soon after studying cinema and attending the Conservatoire Lassalle.

On stage, he has worked with directors Serge Denoncourt, Frédéric Blanchette, Luce Pelletier and Jean-Simon Traversy, among others.

On television, he gained notice as goalie Alex Beauchesne in the Lance et Compte series and through later appearances in 30 vies, Unité 9, La dérape, Can You Hear Me? season 1 and En tout cas as well as in the children’s series Les mutants, Les sapiens and L’effet secondaire. He is currently seen in District 31 season 6, Escouade 99 season 2, Entre deux draps season 2, Un doute raisonnable and Sans rendez-vous. Future appearances include roles in the children’s series Le pacte and director Geneviève Albert’s feature film Noémie dit oui.

Fayolle was also a major character in the web series L’âge adulte, which has won several awards around the globe.

In addition to his work as an actor, he does dubbing and voiceovers for various television and film projects.