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In the age of new technologies, everyone has the opportunity to visit an online store and buy everything they need. Our pharmacy is ready to help you purchase Modafinil or any other particular drug but also advises and assists in choosing other medical products.

PJC Jean Coutu
Address: 305 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y1, Canada | Phone: +1 514-285-2646 | Website: https://www.jeancoutu.com/

Very unhappy with this PJC Jean Coutu! I have been on the same script for 30 years, and it works to control my Hashimotos disease. I sat next to my physician while he called in my refill. He specifically told them not to give me the Ethrox because it does not work for me. I went to pick up the script, and low and behold, Ethrox, the technician, tried to tell me it was the same, just a different brand. According to my Endocrinologist, it is not! When did Pharmacists get to start deciding that they can override the prescribing physician and give the patient something that won’t work for that particular patient because it’s cheaper to purchase Modafinil??

A terrific personable and caring staff who you can tell have a passion for taking care of customers. I work in Richardson, and they stayed open late for me so that I was able to pick up my medicine. They’re pretty awesome, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a local pharmacy with a great staff and low Provigil prices.

Proxim pharmacie affiliée
Address: 40 Westminster Ave N, Montreal West, Quebec H4X 1Z2, Canada | Phone: +1 514-481-5665 | Website: https://www.groupeproxim.ca/

SLOW SLOW SLOW, don’t get your prescription filled here if you go to the urgent care next door unless you are prepared to wait longer for your prescription for Provigil to be filled than the time you spent in your appointment. My appointment, including wait time to get in, took 35 minutes. Then l sat for 45 minutes, waiting to get the prescription filled. Stephen is even slower than you can imagine, and his supervisor is willing to let him bumble along as he learns the ropes. I was really sick and thought I would get the meds faster if I just went to the pharmacy next door. Didn’t turn out that way. I hope your results are better than mine were if you go there.

The personal care me and my wife received on a monthly basis is great! Proxim pharmacie affiliée deliver our Modafinil and RXs every month for us when we call and pick up our RXs as well when needed. Great staff as well, they are very knowledgeable and friendly. I would give them 10 stars if I was able to. I would definitely recommend 1000 times over!

Brunet Affiliated Pharmacy
Address: 151 Atwater Ave, Montreal, Quebec H3J 2J4, Canada | Phone: +1 514-935-5637 | Website: https://www.brunet.ca/

Horrible staff, worse customer service I have ever had. I suggest if you need anything from rite aid go to any other one, but this one they treat people like S#@! and like if everyone is there I just spent 150.00 dollars their I don’t need to take anything I work hard for my and then the horrible lady worker was extremely RUDE !! Never ever again will I go shopping there. I will drive out of my way to another store before I ever shop there again.

I was very pleased with my experience at Brunet Affiliated Pharmacy. It was very welcoming and informative, providing me with a lot of helpful information that helped me understand what my Modafinil was and how it was going to better me. In the long run, I look forward to coming back as the first impression is always the best one!

Uniprix Hanh Le et associés – Pharmacie affiliée
Address: 7701 Bd Maurice-Duplessis, Montréal, QC H1E 1M5, Canada | Phone: +1 514-494-1600 | Website: https://www.uniprix.com/

They decided to fill my 6ct ibuprofen, but the main medicine they sent me didn’t fill, leaving me a voicemail everything was done. A waste of not only two days waiting, but they also didn’t fill it at all! I show up, and now I have to drive all the way across town due to my insurance discount. The worst pharmacy customer service I’ve ever dealt with. The worst part is he offered to fill half my prescription while walking away. But then they eat the other half.

This is a family-owned Pharmacy, Gas Station, and Market that has a very large selection of goodies as well as Employees that are very nice, happy to help you in any way that they can, and EVEN DELIVER Modafinil till 6 PM every day. Please support this small business. I just moved to Bartow and feel lucky to have found Uniprix Hanh Le et associés – Pharmacie affiliée.

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