How to Safely Order Ivermectin from an Online Canadian Pharmacy

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shoppers drug mart
Address: 390 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A1, Canada | Phone: +1 514-875-7070 | Website:

They are so friendly and happy there… I just moved here, and they make me feel like we are all friends… they keep your medication up to date, and the store has great local artist products. I got my vaccination there. They have all 3…no appointment necessary, and it’s free!!! You need to check out their store to buy Ivermectin online!!!

This shoppers drug mart is HORRIBLE!!! I’ve had nothing but problems since switching to them. I went to pick up my Ivermectin, and I was given EYEDROPS. Then the staff acted like that’s what was ordered by his doctor even tho I had his freshly printed medication list in hand. It started omeprazole.. lastly, they wouldn’t fill my medication because it was originally accidentally sent to another pharmacy before being transferred to theirs. They told me they didn’t have the phone number to the other pharmacy, so they didn’t call to cancel it and fill it there… you’ve got to be kidding me. I have never seen such unorganization and unprofessionalism in a healthcare setting in my life.

Pharmacie Linda Frayne & John Genova
Address: 5858 Ch. de la Côte-des-Neiges #400, Montréal, QC H3S 1Z1, Canada | Phone: +1 514-342-8696 | Website:

I do give 5 stars because I have never, ever had a negative experience with Pharmacie Linda Frayne & John Genova. I love the pharmacists and the hard-working staff that supports them. All around, hands down, the absolute best small/GIANT alternative to Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc. Give them a try and buy Stromectol. You will not be sorry.

I scheduled my father’s covid shot here on March 18th. He told me the white woman who administered his vaccine showed blatant discrimination towards him. She was extremely rude and refused to reschedule his 2nd appointment while HAPPILY assisting and rescheduling the white patient’s 2nd appointment that came in right after him. I wish I was there to give this woman a piece of my mind. The nerve! How lucky is my father to have a tech-savvy daughter in her 20s to help him because some people in this world clearly still haven’t learned much about humanity, especially during this past year. I am disgusted. I wish he would have gotten her name because I would have put her on blast.

Pharmacy Wholesale Services
Address: 666 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1E7, Canada | Phone: +1 514-286-0660 | Website:

The people at this Pharmacy Wholesale Services rock! They truly care about the customers and do their very best to fill Ivermectin prescriptions quickly and resolve problems with any problem prescriptions, Insurance issues, or anything else that may pop up that could get in the way of you having your much-needed prescriptions filled.

Worst experience in my life I meant to review a while back due to having the manager attempt to chastise myself and me in front of customers… note is was reported as this lady was very harsh and confrontational. Not to mention the part where Sprint was located in the store, she would get upset when minorities brought their families to purchase one phone per her, lol. The day when I heard her laughing at a coworker who had no car, I knew something was wrong with her. The fact I saw her only child’s Facebook profile and all the prejudiced tattoos confirmed it all miserable Management that brought her problems in with her. Oh, I’m not the first to notice these things either.

BeLocum – Remplacement sur demande
Address: 6585 Jeanne Mance St, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4L1, Canada | Phone: +1 514-638-6908 | Website:

My mother started using this BeLocum – Remplacement sur demande after our current pharmacy was closed. We all followed soon after, and it was a great decision. This is the best pharmacy I’ve ever been to. The staff is so friendly and helpful it’s great to see when the pharmacist actually knows you and your Ivermectin medication. They are truly great!!!

I was yelled at by the pharmacist today and told I was too early to get my Ivermectin. Well, for starters, that is fine. AND legal. Otherwise, people would be waiting for them to open the door to get their first med of the month. Also… today is 30 days from March 9th. I mean, call me crazy, but I do count the first day and today too. I even went back to talk to the manager, who said, “huh. You must have to wait till the 31rst day then”. I said, “No, she told me to come back on what she counts as day 29 somehow”. No outrage that I was yelled at or asking who it was btw. I said, ” I give up. I tried. I have to go.” So I went down the street to Walmart and got my medicine.

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