The OM for Families


Music enthusiasts of all ages will delight in the Orchestre Métropolitain’s online educational activities and resources, full of opportunities to share and experience the wonders of the symphony. Parents can join in on the fun and discover orchestral music with their children.

The Orchestra Up Close


The platform features an information page for each instrument. You’ll learn about the instrument’s history, what it’s made from, how its sound is produced and its role in the orchestra. You can also hear each instrument’s unique sound in three symphonic excerpts.




This project was made possible thanks to support from the Foundation of Greater Montréal’s COVID-19 Collective Fund.

Piccolo Activity Workbook

(In French only)


Explore the different families of musical instruments, through colouring activities, matching games and crafts, with Piccolo the fox!



Listening Zone


Let yourself be transported by OM musicians’ favourite pieces! These symphonic works feature musician commentary. You can also access teaching material about the pieces you’re listening to.