Major Cultural Donation

The Orchestre Métropolitain is delighted to be part of Mécénat Musica.


This funding platform aims to encourage individuals to make a $25,000 donation to a cultural organization that matters to them and, in turn, to prompt patron families to make a $250,000 donation matching these individual donations.





The Quebec government is granting a supplementary 25% income tax credit for first-time major cultural donations, which means that the net cost of a $25,000 donation made through the program is only $6,750.

An example of how the Mécénat Musica program works from a donation of $ 25,000.


Another example of how the program works, from a donation of $ 2,500,000.



Make a $25,000 donation to the Orchestre Métropolitain before November 15, 2019!

A $25,000 donation will be matched with $75,000 from patron families that work with the Mécénat Musica program. This $100,000 donation will enable the OM to apply for grants to the Department of Canadian Heritage (100%) and the Quebec government’s Mécénat Placements Culture (55%), both of which will match the donations received by the Orchestre.


That is how a $25,000 donation from an individual brings the Orchestre $255,000.


All funds raised under the Mécénat Musica program will be deposited in the Orchestre Métropolitain Endowment Fund, which is administered by the Foundation of Greater Montréal, ensuring the fund’s sustainability.

The Orchestre Métropolitain is entering its golden age, an age marked by confidence, maturity and excellence. A $25,000 donation from you would help ensure a prosperous future for the Orchestre, not only during the next few seasons but for generations to come.


We remain at your disposal to discuss this opportunity and answer any questions you may have.


For more information:

Marie-Pier Auger
Funding and Partnerships Manager
514 598-0870, ext. 36