Buy Avanafil (Generic Stendra) online: 100 mg and 50 mg pills

The popular internet dating service Saucy Dates conducted a funny study, determining how much men in different countries buy Avanafil pills online. The Palmed Championship was given to the people of Australia.

The Cosmopolitan portal writes about the progress and results of the survey. In the first such experiment, the organization interviewed more than 1,700 people from five countries – the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and Britain. 953 men and 726 women took part in the survey. All participants in the study were asked the same question. To men: “What is the dosage of Stendra pills you use?”

Surprisingly, the size is exaggerated by absolutely all the participants of the study. According to statistics, 100 mg and 50 mg pills were found only in one country. The biggest fans of the turn were Australians. The women claimed that the average size of their countrymen was 15 cm, while men called the figure of 18 cm. Researchers say that, in fact, the average penis size in Australians is only 13 cm. Americans also estimated their size at 18.4 cm, but women objected, on average, converged on 16.9 cm. The real average size is next door to the Australians – 13 cm.

Women in Britain estimated the size of their lovers at 16.9 cm. In this sense, the men were more modest than the Americans and claimed to boast only 17.5 cm. In fact – 14 cm. Interestingly, only the residents of Canada – men and women – agreed on Avanafil price on, amicably matching about 18 cm. And in the end, the Canadians found Stendra cost with the British – 14 cm. As for India, men underestimated their penises and named the number 15.4 cm. Women – 16. In fact, India is on the list of countries whose men can boast only the smallest sexual members in the world. Their figures fell in the ranking of 5 countries surveyed below the rest.

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